What to Expect When Selling and Buying on the International Real Estate Market

There are many thing to expect when selling and buying homes on the international real estate market. Expect confusion, things being lost in translation, and lots of conversions between cultural behaviors, languages, currencies, and laws.

However, attracting foreign buyers is a realistic home buying and selling plan. Many people are looking to relocate for either part or all of the year and are therefore searching for homes all over the world. Attracting the right international buyers takes research and planning, but isn’t impossible.

There are thousands of home buying options all around the world, especially in major urban centers. When selling or buying a home you must factor in a new currency and cost of living, so make sure to check your budget and your expenses to make sure you have enough to cover living life in this new city. Clearing a transfer with your current job or getting a new one is also something you should plan to do well before you make any concrete relocation plans.

If you are thinking of selling your home to international buyers you will need to advertise in the right places. Check out real estate agencies that market to international buyers; these agencies will also be able to help you put your advertisement in the right places to attract buyers and help with translation if necessary. You might also find expat websites helpful for advertising or simply getting a better idea of what nationalities are looking to work in your area. Consider advertising your home at local refugee resettlement agencies or other housing charities, too.

If you are looking to buy a home outside of your country of birth you will want to start by finding home listings for that city. Before you even begin looking for a house you will want to assess if you can afford to move, or are legally allowed to buy property in the country you want to move to. Some countries allow foreign real estate purchases but have extensive regulations regarding such purchases- you’ll have to check and see what those are for your country and the country you want to move to. Additional tax fees and other real estate laws might be applicable in your home country, too.

Buying a home abroad is difficult, but moving abroad takes a lot of consideration as well. Make sure you have the financial ability and personal willingness to take on a new country and new culture as well as the time and patience to deal with the process of buying a home in another country. There is a lot of paperwork!

Selling a home to an expatriate also requires paperwork, both on their end and yours. Make sure you are going to be able to sell the home to the person interested and that you don’t get stuck on the short end of a deal. Selling your home should be a short, simple and easy process.

The Importance Of Property Mutation

What Is Property Mutation?

Confusing as it may sound, property mutation is the simple act of changing the title ownership of a property, under particular circumstances. These circumstances may be anything from inheritance to sale or purchase of property, death of the owner or when the concerned property is bought via a Power of Attorney (POA).

So How Do We Do It?

The process of property mutation differs slightly in certain cases. The process involved under various circumstances are as follows:

When you inherit a particular property, you will be required to submit a written application, sign an indemnity bond which must be submitted to the concerned authority, along with copies of a death certificate, will, or an affidavit attested by a notary, and documents that prove the property tax has been paid in full till date.

In case of a sale or purchase, the same procedure needs to be followed, and in addition, you also need to pay an amount of transfer. This amount differs from place to place.

In the event of a sale or purchase via POA, in addition to the above documents, you will also be required to submit an extra copy of the POA and the registered receipt of the payment by the sub-registrar. After all this is done, an assessing officer will check the documents and the name of the new owner will be cleared.

If only a part of the property has been sold, the mutation may be allowed in the name of the purchaser, upon payment of tax for the portion till date.

How Important Is This Procedure?

Property mutation is basically used to determine the person under whose name the property tax is to be paid. But it is also quite vital when it comes to settling legal issues regarding the said property. Before purchasing any property, you need to check the property’s past mutation records. This helps determine who holds the title to the said property, and whether the property tax has been paid till date or not.

Though this is not conclusive proof of the title of ownership, it is important for many reasons. If, for example, land is acquired by the government, the acquisition funds will be released in favor of the person whose name is stated in the mutation, even if the registry of the land is in another person’s name. This document will also help you with the process of obtaining a house loan or any other loan against your property. If a clear, up-to-date property mutation is not produced, it can lengthen the process considerably.

If the property mutation is not updated regularly, then you will lack a clear title to the property. This can raise a number of legal issues, if and when you decide to put your property up on the market for resale.

Advantages of Using Real Estate CRM for Real Estate Business Success

In this fluctuating economy managing a real estate business, can be a troublesome task. If your company is experiencing shrinking budgets, increasing uncertainty, and decreasing profit margins then it is the time to have a unique CRM software.

The CRM solution with the core capabilities of managing and tracking Pre and Post Sales activities across all categories of the projects such as Commercial, Residential, Plotting, Villas, etc.

A CRM software solution offers an opportunity to invest directionally and think strategically to make comparative revenues and stay away from uncertainty to any other external pressures.

CRM is simply a software solution that helps managers, builders and developers in fulfilling the significant aims of their businesses.

The software helps in crucial business dealings that eventually lead to brand building and customer satisfaction. It offers to manage critical business tasks and arrange them so that builders can make instant decisions.

Modern CRM software solutions offer an opportunity to access client data anytime from anywhere. It gives actual flexibility to the developers.

Builders rely on such software solutions as it automatically triggers email and SMS at the time of Inquiry, Payment Receipts, Anniversaries, Bookings, Birthdays, and other key instances.

The real estate software is very enticing and comes in a variety of versions (latest 4.2) to suit various requirements of the businesses. The software is full featured and known for its enormous capabilities from organizing, processing and sorting contacts automatically.

It is very simple, easy and friendly to use as well as much time and money-saving. Some of its exceptional features are:

· It helps builders track status of units like Available, Sold, Booked, Blocked or Due for payment

· It helps developer manage complete aspect of Customer Accounts

· Auto Interest Calculation on Over Due Payments

· Auto Payment Reminders via Email to Developer

· Auto Payment Reminders via Email and SMS to Client

· Auto Payment Receipt generation

· It features daily data backup and retrieval system

The aforementioned features are some of what CRM can offer to the builders and developers.

If you want to establish a trusted relationship with your purchasers and offer them the best deal, then you can choose CRM software solutions. It directly helps builder to keep up trustworthy relationships with their buyers and help them to access all the features more quickly.

It is easy and simple to streamline various processes involved in real estate business through effective and reliable real estate software solutions.

These CRM solutions are intended to save your money and precious time and enable you to work more efficiently in a competitive business environment.